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Success Stories

V&P Hydraulic Products

V&P Hydraulic Products designs, manufactures, and delivers high-quality custom cylinders for heavy duty machines. The company was founded in 1937 and has been focused specifically on designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders since 1946. V&P leverages its decades of experience and advanced engineering capabilities to solve construction and machinery problems with creative, custom-designed welded hydraulic cylinders at the lowest possible cost.


V&P has a dedicated team of specialized sales engineers. They found following up with their leads on a consistent and systematic basis challenging because of their extremely long sales cycle and a lack of systems/tools. They had little information about who to contact and when to reach out. They also struggled to identify and penetrate new markets.


Vast Results created a cloud-based database that was easy for the sales team to use and maintain. We clearly identified existing customers in the database, and then we researched and added leads to the system. Vast Results also launched email and call campaigns targeted toward prospective customers. On an ongoing basis, Vast Results manages the database and follow-up opportunities. We also hold monthly meetings with the sales engineers and quarterly meetings with senior management.  


Vast Results organized V&P’s existing customer lists and helped strategize and prioritize prospects in order to find and create new opportunities. Over the course of our relationship, Vast Results' efforts have identified over 500 qualified new leads, created 40+ sales opportunities, and generated over $2 million in sales revenue.

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