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Stuff you need to get the job done

Yes, we get by with a little help from our friends. But, the truth is, we can't live without the Internet. Here are some of our favorite sales resources, most of which you'll find online.  

Follow up like a Boss

Use our resource of templates and tools to follow up like a boss

Meet sales experts, learn from leaders and connect to opportunities. Join Shannon in this powerful group!

Podcasts make multi-tasking a breeze. Soak in some inspiration while catching rays, hitting the highway or mowing the lawn. If you work in sales, hit "play" on a few of these podcasts for salespeople.

Google Trends shows how often a particular search-term is entered across various regions of the world. The uses are endless ... Take what's timely to create a new offer or promotion, create content for a campaign or social media post, or to begin research on your next location. Or, even simpler, make it your online place to brush up on the most-talked-about news of the day before heading to a networking event. See what you can find here

The Muse compiled this list of digital tools, from email newsletters to mobile apps, for getting your headlines in the morning.  Do I have any Skimm'rs out there? 

If you're planning sales calls that cross the country - or even the globe - consider using BatchGeo to help (literally) map-out your call plan. Simply cut and paste the address info from an excel file to see the geography (and related time zones) of your lead database. This is also a great tool for mapping out a list of landmarks or homes for sale.

When are we going to stop emailing each other 10 times to set a time for a meeting? There is a better way: DoodleTry it. You can thank me later.

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