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Success Stories

Terra Advisors

Terra Advisors helps telecom, media and technology (TMT) clients build their businesses in new geographic markets. They serve companies that have been successful in their “home” markets and are ready to expand their footprint. Since 2008, they have been retained by more than 80 clients and have generated millions of dollars in revenue for their clients.



Terra Advisors managing director, Jeff Lamont, prospects for new business by attending trade shows and enters each potential lead into Salesforce. After a few years, Jeff realized more and more prospects were being touched less and less. He had over 1,500 leads in the database when we began our partnership.


Vast Results was given access to Terra Advisors’ existing Salesforce database. We began the tedious effort of cleaning up and updating the database. Then, we began calling, emailing and sending LinkedIn messages to follow up with prospects.


Vast Results is now responsible for over 400 leads in Terra Advisors’ database. Over the past several years, we have built an individual rapport with many of those decision makers. We have also scheduled more than 100 meetings and helped Terra Advisors close over $200,000 in revenue.

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