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Don't be Chandler

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Don't be Chandler from Friends

One of my favorite shows, "Friends", had a great running joke. No one knew exactly what Chandler Bing did for a living (statistical analysis and data reconfiguration; click here to watch a clip with "the reveal.") Let's think about that. I know my parents, family, and friends are proud of me. But, do they know what I do all day? Maybe ... Your personal circle could be the source of your next client. And they want to help. They just need to be educated and reminded every once in a while. I use email to keep my friends and family in the loop. I give them specific information about how my business is doing and remind them what my ideal client looks like so I can continue to grow and meet my goals. (See below for an example.) Also, remember to thank them for their support so far! How do you keep your friends and family in the loop? Let me know in the comments.


Have you seen Halloween decorations in the stores already? And, dare I say, Christmas decor? I know time flies, but I think we've hit a speed record. Further proof: somehow, my son Myles turned three this summer. I'm also approaching my third anniversary as a business owner. Running a sales development firm - particularly while running after a toddler - has been challenging yet rewarding. I'm happy to report that business has steadily grown. I'm now supporting seven clients and have a small team to help me support their needs. We are still accepting new clients. If you know anyone who would benefit from our services, I would appreciate the introduction. As a refresher, my company supports companies with sales strategy development, lead database creation, prospect research, and outreach. A summary of our process is illustrated in this fun infographic. Our ideal clients are B2B companies who sell services and do not have a dedicated sales team. If you'd like to stay current on my company and receive monthly sales and business tips (as well as a few quirky holidays to celebrate), please sign up for my newsletter here. Thanks for your continued support.

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