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We help entrepreneurs
build solid Companies.

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Our approach is based upon years of success in a range of industries. We’ve learned what works, and we put those tactics and strategies to task for you. 

Here’s how:

  • We take the time to learn your industry and what makes a good customer. Together, we identify market opportunities, develop sales strategies, and organize and prioritize leads. 

  • We create and manage a cloud-based database to help organize and prioritize your leads. This keeps everyone on the same page, and provides a platform for knowledge-sharing, follow-up and feedback. Our clients can access the database from any computer or their mobile phones.

  • Once you have a solid lead database, we use research and our network to find the best buyer persona and contact details. Then, we tackle time-consuming tasks like cold-calling and emailing prospects. We make the initial contact for you, so your sales team is handed pre-qualified, warm leads.

  • We develop content for effective cold calls, emails and voice mails. We ensure your message is clear, on-brand and get results. 

  • Here's the most important part: We follow up with your prospective customers by phone and email on a timely schedule until the lead reaches its natural conclusion. Most prospects are contacted seven to nine times.

  • Our sales professionals attend client discovery meetings with you to help guide the process. As part of your sales team, we listen for pain points and opportunities and take proactive steps to stop deals from stagnating.

  • Everything we do is documented within the lead database, so our activity is transparent and the status updates are real-time. We meet regularly with our clients so they can provide feedback and steer the direction. 

  • And, we tailor our services to match the demands of your business as it grows. For some clients, we are the sales team. In other scenarios, we play a supporting role to an existing sales force.

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